Letter From The Founder

Patricia Sage St Mill.HEIC

I am delighted to welcome you to the re-birth of the Sage Street Mill! Here you can learn about the new spaces that we have developed, as well as new programs, partnerships, and initiatives that we are offering.


We are a place dedicated to sustainability and community development, so if you are looking for a space or a home (for you or your practice or your green business) please contact us! f you are just starting and would like to have training, mentoring, and practice in the areas of arts and community development, grant writing, permaculture, gallery and arts administration and management, partnerships, consider taking a workshop or joining our Generator Training Program.


Throughout the years, this place has served as a living example of the power of arts for rural regeneration, historic preservation, and the environment.


I love it here, and I am fully committed to growing the next generation of cultural programs advancing sustainability, wellness, arts, prosperity, and health in the Village of North Bennington, while also continuing the epic work of preserving this beautiful place!


My hope is that our individual and collective work here at the mill can serve as an example of the power of regeneration and that through our ongoing work and care,  we are also connected to others (here and around the globe) who are committed to generating joy, peace, prosperity, and wellness through care of the self, care of the planet …


Together, we are evolving and raising the collective global consciousness with our positive local action, one breath at a time, one kind thought, one kind word, one kind deed, one courageous step at a time.


Welcome to this special place! 


Love and Peace from

Patricia Pedreira

Founder, Director, Sage Street Mill Project


Meet The Team

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Patricia Pedreira  M.A.

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Founder, Director, Sage Street Mill Project

For over 25 years, Patricia has served as an arts and community development leader, working with individuals and organizations to improve their neighborhoods, and the health of themselves, their families and communities.

Her work and projects have been recognized with awards and grants from the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) Preservation Trust of Vermont, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and Jane’s Trust, and she has served on the Board of the Vermont Arts Council (VAC) and the Bennington Area Arts Council (BAAC), as well as on panels for the Massachusetts Cultural Council(MCC) and National Endowment for The Arts (NEA).

“I am an arts developer, designer, art therapist and backyard chicken farmer of Irish and Brazilian descent. I love: Mother nature, Diversity, the moon, sustainable development, astrology, alternative healing and holistic health, creative movement, yoga, meditation, different states of consciousness, as well as finance, historic preservation and bricks. I am an instigator, trouble maker, and joy generator.Women’s empowerment, my feminine power, sacred sexuality, tarot,  plant medicine, food, art, travel and music connects me to my cultural roots, and community.” 

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Ahmad Yassir

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Manager of Sage Street Mill Initiatives, Programs, and Partnerships


Ahmad works with the Director to manage Programs, Initiatives, and Partnerships of the Sage Street Mill Project, including but not limited to: Soulspace Wellness Programs, Generators training, mentoring, entrepreneurial activities, Chimney Swift Loft studio rentals, pop-Ups, exhibitions, and events. Ahmad is developing and managing the new digital branding, marketing, and online presence for the Sage Street Mill Project. 

Ahmad recently graduated from Bennington College, where he studied Public Policy Analysis and Visual Arts. Already in his career, he has a dynamic range of experience, teaching, and training internationally in Lebanon, Turkey, Somaliland, and The United States and as a creative manager in arts administration.

“I am an educator, artist, and social practitioner. I grew up in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, attended the United World College in Bosnia and Herzegovina, prior to graduating from Bennington College. I am passionate about organizational change and development through creativity and the integration of culture and community values. I draw inspiration from the political and social conflicts surrounding my personal growth and aim to motivate and empower people to create stronger communities."


To read full bio - click here 



Creative Assistant, Summer Wellness Camp Counselor

I've spent my whole life here at the mill. I love nature, arts, and insects, and I  love sharing my knowledge with people around me. I work as an assistant art teacher at the local VSNB elementary school, and I have also been a counselor for last year's awesome Wellness Camp, as well as for many VAE summer camps. I am starting college at Mass College of Arts and Design in the fall of 2021, and I'm really excited to be working here!

“I am really looking forward to exploring and showing the different trails and areas on the property and having a blast finding crayfish and dragonflies and making natural sculptures in the creek with the kids!”


Pratap Ghimire

Creative Assistant, Green Architecture and Design

I am a student at Bennington College currently studying architecture, visual arts and international relations. Originally from Nepal, I completely my high school from the United World College Dilijan in Armenia. I care about cultural diversity, political awareness and social interaction as forms of engagement to try to change the community for the better. I believe that eco-friendly design, green products, plastic-free options and sustainability are of paramount importance in an effort to reconnect back to mother nature.

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Matt Gutierrez

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I relocated from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Bennington, Vermont on May 28th, 2021... I didn’t have much luck contacting properties in Vermont. Then, I came across The Sage Street Mill, and Patricia's voice was the first I heard!

I felt very welcome and it reconfirmed my decision to drive across the country to start a new! I didn’t end up securing a spot as a resident at the Mill, but I couldn’t pass up being a part of this community. So, I’m using studio space here to work on my paintings and various crafts.


Let’s get connected. For any project ideas/inquiries.

Do reach out.





Office Support

Mission of The Mill at Sage Street

To preserve and develop the historic Sage Street Mill property with love, creativity, and care, as an arts, wellness, and joy generator


To generate and teach sustainable living, community development, and whole health practices that raise consciousness.


Our programs integrate healing arts, celebrate wellness and nature. We promote joy and creativity through music and arts, environmental awareness, recycling, green design, historic preservation, social entrepreneurship, permaculture, organic farming, and food.


We celebrate diversity through cultural events that include music, arts, dance, and food from different cultures. 

Vision and Values

A healthy planet, connected by loving and caring people.


We generate health, wellness, joy and prosperity  through programs and practices that cultivate and celebrate creativity, kindness, peace and sustainable development.


We are inclusive and celebrate diversity with people, food and music from around the world.


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