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Chimney Swift LOFTS

“My Father was born in Brazil and my Mother’s ancestors were born in Ireland; both families immigrants who migrated to the USA, making a long and treacherous journey to build their new nest, against all odds, in a place far, far away from their birthplaces. Passionate adventurers, from vastly different cultures (and before the civil rights movement in the USA) my parents mated, nested and raised a family in the USA. Facing terrible discrimination as well as amazing opportunities; they eventually created prosperity and success in USA despite the odds and hardships endured as immigrants. 


“Every year, when the Chimney Swifts arrive to the Chimney at the Sage Street Mill from South America, I am reminded of my ancestors' long epic journeys here and their courage. “


“The spectacle of the Swifts arrival to the mill is one of Mother Nature’s best annual international events. With each Chimney Swift loft that I have created, I have utilized re-purposed antiques, wood and unconventional materials, and designed each space with love and care, to welcome each person that arrives.”

Live / Work

Studios, 1 and 2-bedroom lofts: Pet Friendly Building!

Rents range from $1,450-$1,875 and include all utilities, off-street parking, garbage and snow removal, recycling, and wifi access.

Generator Space

Art studios, Office spaces:

Rents range from $350-$1135 and include off-street parking and wifi access.

Chimney Swift LOFTS

are available for long and short term lease.


Chimney Swift LOFTS

Inspired by the annual migration of Chimney Swifts that arrive from South America to nest in our historic brick chimney, (the first week in May).

The Chimney Swift Lofts were designed by Patricia Pedreira.

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