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Las Tres Hermanas

The Three Sisters Exhibit

Featuring the works of Artists:  Renée Bouchard, Maria Lucia Ferreira & Patricia Burke Pedreira

The Three Sisters (Las Tres Hermanas) exhibit is inspired by the complementary indigenous plantings of corn, beans, and squash:  Independent, yet connected, we are birthing and growing bodies of work that include earth (la tierra), children (las criancas), menstrual blood (menstruação - menstruación), sweat(suor - sudor), flowers(flores), seeds (sementes - semillas), painting (pinturas) and ritual (Ritual).

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The simple act of standing together fortifies us with new courage to share a unique body of work that celebrates our embodied experiences and the regenerative cycles and lineage that we are living each day as women, mothers, and caregivers. 


Although we are not related by blood, we recognize each other in our art and our individual art-making process, as part of a shared lineage of healing.


This exhibition that we present to you captures deeply personal images from different stages of our lives, celebrating the power, beauty, ebbs, and flows embedded in our bodies and Mother Earth (La Madre de todos). 


Centered around antipatriarchal expression, "the personal is political" is revisited from the 1968 slogan coined by Carol Hanisch, who was at that time a civil rights worker and a feminist activist.


We invite you to enter this reimagined world and celebrate with us...Inside on the walls of the galleries, on the floors, and outside in the garden, we are welcoming you!


With love,


Renée Bouchard, Maria Lucia Ferreira, Patricia Burke Pedreira

Meet The Artists

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