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Re-envision Renewables

Multi-disciplinary Group Art Exhibit

A Call To Artists: 

Re-envision Renewables, an art exhibition in conversation with multimedia and multidisciplinary artists in order to be a bridge to the conversation between renewable energy technologies and the environment, what is at stake in re-envisioning renewables as congruous and in harmony with nature?  How do you imagine the interplay of nature with solar, wind, EV, and other clean technology sources? The aim here is to depict the raw and natural beauty of technology in a symbiotic relationship with the environment it is harmonizing with.

Renewable Energy Vermont, Power Guru, and the Sage Street Mill are teaming up to curate artwork that displays the beautiful, natural, and regenerative sides of renewable energy technologies like solar, battery storage, electric vehicles, or any other historically renewable energy resource that may be controversially seen today as an eyesore.

re-envision renewables.png
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