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Summer Joy

Multi-disciplinary Group Art Exhibit

Featuring the works of Artists: Ahmad Yassir and his students,

Isabel Wissner, Matt Gutierrez, Desire Chimanikire, and Patricia Burke Pedreira

Summer Joy Exhibit featuring Ahmad Yassir and his students.JPG

While the myriad of having Summer break after a transformational year that was full of uncertainty, spending more time behind closed doors, and experiencing education and schooling "virtually", seems to increasingly widen the generation gap, The Summer Joy Art Exhibit is a unique opportunity for children and adults to develop meaningful connections through art.

Our goal is to offer more opportunities for intergenerational activities and programming for the whole family. 

Children, ages 7 to 12 years, generated artwork during the Summer Wellness Camp inside SoulSpace (our special space for arts and yoga), as they enjoyed a balance between indoors/outdoors time, structured/unstructured activities, and the integration of wellness and mindfulness practices as they developed their studio-practice through experimentation, play, and station time; where each artist has to choose a new medium and develop their independent project throughout the week. 

Ahmad Yassir brought his rich experiences in international progressive education, and visual arts mentorship, as he focused on emerging themes inspiring various collaborative projects, independent pursuits, team building activities, bringing guests, and showcasing the works of contemporary artists. 

Additionally, this show also features artwork that was generated at The Sage Street Mill by resident artists, making this show united by process and the collective experiences of creating and exhibiting artwork at The Mil. 


This show will run from July 30th - September 17th, 2021. 

NEW Gallery will be open every Friday from 4-7 PM or by appointment.

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