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The Sage Street Mill is located in the heart of the Village of North Bennington. Our 25,000 sq. ft historic brick mill facility sits along Paran Creek, with 5+ acres of land including a beautiful private walking trail to Lake Paran.


For the past 26 years, The Mill has generated award-winning projects, partnerships, and initiatives in the areas of historic preservation, arts, health, and community building.


We now have a variety of newly renovated spaces including live-work residential lofts, and multi-purpose studios, and galleries for presenting music, visual arts, dance, yoga and wellness programs, and a multi-purpose generator space that we are developing for socially responsible businesses, makers and entrepreneurs.

All this makes the Sage Street Mill a great place to live and work, as well as a beautiful place for retreats, community gatherings, art events, and learning. 

Join us in the re-birth of this special place!

Come Live/work and Generate something beautiful here!

Chimney Swift Lofts

We have beautiful lofts for rent in our historic mill. Soaring steel windows restored wood floors, all designed and built with love and care. Whether you are looking for space to generate art, start your business, work or live, we are a pet-friendly building and a peaceful oasis located in the heart of the beautiful walking Village of North Bennington.

Exhibitions & Events

Arts & Creative Engagement in our Galleries and Performance Space(s)– The Mill can host a range of visual and performing arts both inside and outside the facility. 

Red Warehouse

New Multi-Purpose Generator Space(s) for rent!

Need storage space or a place to build something? Are you looking for a home for your green business? We have both seasonal and longer- term rental options!

Energy Conservation & Sustainable Living

We aim to enhance and be responsible stewards of the mill and our land through sustainable, green development, permaculture and organic backyard farming.

Sage Street Mill Generators, Residents and Members enjoy the use of our beautiful path to Lake Paran and the Robert Frost Trail. 


Support the ongoing stewardship and preservation of this historic site. Become a member now, or make a donation here!

Programming For All Ages

Wellness Camps for Children during school vacations. 

Opportunities to build a stronger community in North Bennington.

Programs for adults and families in wellness, education, and the arts.

Pop-up events for all ages. 

Peace & Wellbeing

Bring peace and joy to your chaotic day.

Enjoy the various programs taking place in our Yoga and Art Studios.

Our events and programs aim to help you discover the components to create an energized body, an awakened mind, and an inspired spirit.


Arts generated and created by women.

Celebrating the divine feminine power embodied in all of us.

Powered by love, joy and positive connections.

The Mill Generators

Mentoring, Job Development & Training in the Creative & Green Business Sectors.

Do you need a place to operate your Green Business, or does your business need workforce development or a place for staff training and workshops? Are you an emerging artist looking for a mentor, a job, work-exchange or an opportunity to exhibit and sell your work? 

We provide hands-on training, work-exchange, professional development and exhibit opportunities for applicants interested in becoming a Generator, as well as support and networking opportunities for mid-career Creatives and Entrepreneurs who want a creative space to connect and collaborate with peers. 


One world unified by love, joy, diversity and peace; 

                               Together we are generating positive Change. 

                                                                              It’s safe to be you here! 

Chimney Swift Lofts

Chimney Swift Lofts

Live/Work Spaces

Peace and Wellness at The Mill

Peace and Wellness at The Mill

We generate positive change through programs and initiatives!

Courtyard at The Mill

Courtyard at The Mill

Basement at The Mill

Basement at The Mill

Visual and Performance Arts space. Multidisciplinary programming, and career development opportunities!



Programming for all ages, access to Yoga and Art Studio.



Are you looking for a home for your green business? Need storage space or a great spot to develop and generate new work? We have both seasonal and longer- term rental options!

Red Garage

Red Garage

Beautiful 2000+ sq ft double bay garage for rent.

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